Private Saturday Shoot ::  TBD (2020)

Private Saturday Shoot :: TBD (2020)

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LOC:  Richmond Rod & Gun

TIME:  Saturdays, 9am-12pm 

Confirm Dates Available:  2/22; 2/29; 3/7; 4/4; 4/25\

TYPE:  Shooting safety + fundamentals, and developing shooting abilities on an outdoor action range


With two shooters expected:

Range Safety Officer (RSO) & Primary Instructor: Tait Reimers

COST:  $1500 for shooting experience (covers private bay rental, range consumables without ammo, insurance, and instructor fee)

PAY:  Digital Wallet or BLACKWAVEUSA.COM or cash.

Sig Sauer 226 and Glock 19 or 17 are available to shoot. 

Special operations tactics and real world experience are distilled to deliver condensed platform for learning how to shoot, move and communicate.  Shooters are taught the fundamentals of performance shooting given their current experience, body mechanics, and training goals.  Courses are aligned with best practices and principles, including functional movement, performance breathing, Close Quarters Combat (CQC) tactics.  Fundamentals and safe weapons handling are always followed.